The Hanging Tree Cowdog was developed by Gary Ericsson and his son Choc as “The Ultimate Cowboy’s Dog.”  Some characteristics of Hanging Tree Cowdogs are their intelligence, ability to handle all types of cattle, good bone structure, and endurance.  These dogs are gathering, herding type dogs that can wind and trail cattle.
The breed make-up is 3/8 Border Collie, 1/8 Catahoula, 1/4 Australian Kelpie, and 1/4 Australian Shepherd.  The only Australian Shepherd used was “Black Bear.”

The Hanging Tree Cowdog’s appearance must be slick hair and bobbed tail.  Their colors vary from black, red, merle, and multi-colored.

The Hanging Tree Cowdog Association registry is performance based.  A video must be provided showing the dog biting the heads and heels of cattle.  Only dogs from a permanently registered sire and dam may be registered.  These dogs have to meet the performance standards for a permanent place in the registry.

hangin cowdog clinic day 2 140

Me with Charlie Trayer (dog trainer) to the left and Gary Ericsson on the right.

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